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Novels, Collections, and Anthologies currently available from the Library of the Living Dead or its Imprints

“FAITH & THE UNDEAD” by Benjamin Rogers (LotLD Press)

“Letters From The Dead” Conceived and Edited by Mark M. Johnson (LotLD Press)


“The Resurrection Game” by Mike Watt (LotLD Press)

“The Apocalypse and Satan’s Glory Hole” by Timothy W. Long and Jonathon Moon (LoH Press)

“Mr. Moon’s Nightmares” by Jonathon Moon (LoH Press)

"Unabridged, Unabashed & Undead" by Eric S. Brown (LotLD Press)

"Among The Living" by Timothy W. Long (LotLD Press)

"Barren Earth" by Stephen A. North & Eric S. Brown (LotLD Press)

"City of Demons" by Scott A. Johnson (LoH Press)

"Dead Tide" by Stephen A. North (LotLD Press)

"Deadlands" by Scott A. Johnson (LotLD Press)

"Debris" by Barry Napier (LoH Press)

"Element {.245}" by Paul McConnel (LoH Press)

"Lakewood Memorial" by Robert R. Best (LotLD Press)

"Tandem of Terror" by John Grover & Eric S. Brown (LoH Press)

"The Apocalypse Shift" by Derek Goodman (LoH Press)

"The Black Act" by Louise Bohmer (LoH Press)

"The Tale of the Vampire Bride" by Rhiannon Frater (LoH Press)

"The Zombie-Wilson Diaries" by Timothy W. Long (LotLD Press)

"UNBOUND & Other Tales" by David Dunwoody (LoH Press)

"Wolves of War" (LoH Press)

"Z Day is Here" by Rob Fox (LotLD Press)

"Zombology" (LotLD Press)

"Zombology II: Return of the Reanimates" (LotLD Press)

"Zombonauts" (LotLD Press)

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