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Library of the Living Dead Press is the first imprint from Library of the Living Dead Books. It was first used with our first release in October, 2009 with Stephen A. North’s “Dead Tide”.

Library of the Living Dead Press is strictly for zombie genre novels and anthologies. It’s motto is, “All Zombie, All The Time”.


Library of Horror Press came about because of author and reader interest in the horror genre. They ask for, nay, demanded an imprint that would include all things horror. Our first release under this imprint was Scott A. Johnson’s “City of Demons”.


Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press was born specifically because some of the novels and stories authors desired to submit wouldn’t fit into our first two imprints. This will include novels and anthologies from the science fiction genre and the fantasy genre.


Library of Young Adult Horror will be the newest imprint for Library of the Living Dead Press. Aimed specifically at young adult readers, it will contain books and anthologies with no explicit language or situations. In the works now, in what will be our first foray into the young adult market, is “Living Dead Boy”, a zombie novel written by acclaimed author Rhiannon Frater.

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